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What does it Take to Find a Injury Attorney

The chances are, you will be asking your self this question sooner or later.

  • Q: Where can I find Orange County car accident attorneys & personal injury attorneys Huntington Beach?
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Finding good, experienced Huntington Beach car accident attorneys and auto accident lawyers in California can be a daunting task.

We offer military discounts to war veterans and active duty military and our law firm also offers experienced local car accident attorneys statewide in California. And you will need the car accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm PC, to help you recover  damages like physical pain and suffering due to negligence of the driver of he injury causing automobile. You may even be entitled to damages like lost wages, hospital bills and even future loss of earnings. It could even be an elder abuse claim.

In some car accident cases, a car accident victim involved in a car crash may be able to sue parties other than the at-fault motor vehicle driver. For example, if the at-fault car accident operator did not own his car, the car accident vehicle owner may also be liable for your car accident damages. If the at-fault driver was impaired from consuming too much alcohol, one may be able to bring file complaint against a bar or establishment for example, that served alcohol to the negligent drunk car driver, who caused the car crash, even though the car operator was visibly impaired. In some cases, one may be able to sue a car manufacturer or even a car manufacturer for negligent products liability, or even strict liability – products. If a defect in the injury causing car or roadway caused the Huntington Beach, car accident, or somewhere else in California, negligence of a third party tortfeasor may be the legal cause of the personal injury. If  it involved a tractor-trailer, the driver’s violations of federal and state laws and regulations may be the basis for a lawsuit against the car operator and his employer. Know your legal rights, get a free legal consultation from Ehline Law Firm, Professional Corporation, on our attorney hotline. Keep our number handy. Statistics show that you or a loved one may beinvolved in a serious injury accident in HuntingtonBeach in particular: 13,000 people have been injured or killed since 1990 in a car accident caused by bad and negligent car driving. If you have been a victim of negligence, you need to call our firm. Talk to an experienced jurist to see if your case has legal merit. Get a free consultation before the statute of limitations expires. You will need to file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires, or you will be forever precluded from recovering general and special damages for your serious personal injuries and property damage.

Motor Vehicle Accidents – Common Issues

Civil Lawsuits from car accidents are by far the most common type of personal injury case in California and Huntington Beach, Orange County Courts today. Every ten (10) seconds, a person in the United States is involved in a car accident, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In Huntington Beach, California, and Orange County, California, these car accident cases are typically governed under tort law, also known as negligence. People who operate a car must exercise reasonable care under the circumstances.” A failure to use reasonable care in operating a car, is considered an actionable tort. A person who negligently drives or operates a car in Huntington Beach, California, should be made to pay for any general and special damages, to the person(s) and/or their property, caused by his or her negligence.

The injured person (“plaintiff”), must first show that the defendant was negligent operator of a car, that his negligence was the actual and proximate cause of the car accident, and that the car accident caused the injured plaintiff’s harm. Although this sounds hard to understand to a non attorney, an experienced local attorney who heavily litigates civil case and regularly files motions, is already trained to find all the necessary elements of legal causation for you. For this reason, the Law Offices of Michael P. Ehline, A Professional Corporation, offer free legal advice and an attorney hotline at (310) 593-4871.

If you have been in a serious car accident, do not hesitate to seek legal counsel from our Huntington Beach personal injury attorneys who are experienced in these types of automobile collision and serious car accident cases.

Injuries and Compensation

Generally, a person injured in a car accident in Huntington Beach, or other California location, may bring a civil claim or civil lawsuit in the jurisdiction and venue where the injury occurred. If the injury occurred in Huntington Beach, California, for example, the car accident lawsuit would more than likely be filed at the Central Courthouse in Santa Ana. Normally, the accident victim would have his or her attorney set up an insurance claim with the defendant’s general liability insurance carrier.

If the case won’t settle because the insurance company low-ball’s the plaintiff (e.g., the tort victim”), then and only then will the case be filed in the Huntington Beach, Orange County courthouse. This is assuming the statute of limitations is not approaching too fast. Hiring an attorney immediately, and immediately seeking medical attention is the smarted and easiest way preserve your car accident claims and recover the actual and reasonable expenses associated with car accident property damage, medical costs, economic damages, emotional and physical pain and suffering and sometimes even punitive damages.

Civil litigation involving car accidents and motor vehicle accidents can be extremely complicated. Retaining an experienced Huntington Beach car accident injury Attorneys (Michael P. Ehline, Esq.) familiar with dangerous car accident and how the car accident damages are calculated, will place you in the pole position to achieving a reasonable settlement or jury award.

How to Deal With Insurance Claims in Huntington Beach

The injured car accident personal injury victim should contact his liability insurance agent as soon as the car accident personal injury victim is safely able to do so. As soon as the seriously injured Huntington Beach car accident victim gets home from the serious car accident is usually best. The seriously injured personal injury car accident victim in Huntington Beach, can even call his insurance company before the injured personal injury victim goes to the doctor.

You Must

Read your insurance contract and exclusions, know the extent, if any, of your Huntington Beach car accident insurance coverage, before you are able to intelligently speak to your insurer or your agent. Car accident Huntington Beach California insurance policies for liability are required, but not everyone obeys the law.

Underinsured & Uninsured Defendant Drivers

Some negligent car operators ignore California motor car insurance requirements, simply cannot afford to purchase car accident insurance, are illegal aliens who simply don’t care, or carry less than sufficient, California insurance coverage. Uninsured Motorist (“U.M.”) California, car accident coverage usually pays for car accident bodily injuries that result from a car accident or car collision with a negligent car operator defendant who is responsible under California law for the personal injury victim’s injuries, but has no car accident liability coverage.

What do I Do If I Get in an Automobile Accident?

Call Ehline Law Firm PC if you are involved in a Huntington Beach California car accident, stay at the scene. The California Vehicle Code requires those involved in a car accident to exchange license information and not to leave the scene of a car accident, even if the collision appears to be a minor one. A person may be criminally responsible and prosecuted for leaving the scene of a car accident without exchanging car accident information first.